Some interesting facts about…

The bombing of Germany

The idea of scattering German agricultural fields with iron stake tips to prevent harvests was seen as one of the possible alternatives to aerial bombardments.

In consequence of air raids led by British and partly US forces against German cities between 1942 and 1945, an estimated 600 thousand civilians lost their lives and 21 thousand Allied aircraft were destroyed.

During the air raid against Pforzheim on February 23, 1945, one-third of the population, 20 thousand people, were eliminated. Contrary to the atomic attack against Nagasaki “only” every seventh person died.

According to a German calculation done in January 1945, during the year of 1944, mostly due to continuous air raids, factories of the Third Reich produced 35 percent fewer tanks than planned and the air defense required 2 million workers.

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A general view shows debris at the Prague street (Prager Strasse) pictured from the tower of the townhall in this undated photo from 1945 in Dresden



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