The Peace killer

Having made his speech in front of tens of thousands in a peace rally and having sung a peace song called “Song for Peace”, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin smilingly left the stage set up at Kings of Israel Square in Tel Aviv. Despite his bodyguards’ warnings Rabin did not take up a bulletproof vest, believing he had nothing to be afraid of with his own nation. He was wrong.

The car door had just been opened when 27-year-old law student Yigal Amir pulled out his gun and fired three times at the president at close range on November 4, 1995. Two of the bullets lodged in Rabin’s back, the third hit the arm of one of his bodyguards. Rabin was immediately transported to the nearby hospital. Although doctors tried hard to keep him alive, Yitzhak Rabin died two hours after the assassination.

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