James Dean: A Legend Crashes

“The only greatness for man is immortality.”

Hours before his fatal collision, he was fined for speeding. Being mad about sport cars and car racing Dean bought a Porsche 550 Spyder and had entered the upcoming Salinas Road Race. On 30 September 1955, he was on his way to Salinas. Dean was driving at about 185 kilometers (115 mi) per hour when he crashed into another car.

His death caused a real hysteria. Dean was buried in Fairmount, Indiana. His tombstone has been stolen several times, but so far has always been found. In 1995, on the 40th anniversary of James Dean’s death, the United States Postal Service issued 325 million copies of a stamp bearing the portrait of the former super star. Dean is often mentioned or featured in numerous songs, films and documentaries.

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A Giant Star


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