Churchill could have changed the course of the First World War

Winston Churchill’s recommended strategy for deploying the British forces in France probably could have changed the area of combat operations in Western Europe, a book suggests.

In 1911, Home Secretary Winston Churchill presented a memorandum at a meeting of the Committee of Imperial Defense. In his report, Churchill suggested that in the case of a hypothetical German attack against France, French forces would not be strong enough to stop the Germans attacking from Belgium at the borders so the French army should concentrate its power inside France to halt the invasion. Churchill also emphasized that the British forces, which were tasked with backing the French, should be kept away from any military engagement in France until their reinforcement from overseas units could be accomplished. According to Churchill, a deployment of a larger British force could have been a significant factor to crush and repel the attacking Germans. At that time, however, the proposals of the Home Secretary seemed absurd so they were refused by the government.

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