Horrific bloodletting in an American jail

One roll of toilet paper per month, intolerable overcrowding, showering only once a week, brutal prison guards and the shooting of radical civil rights activist George Jackson while trying to escape from a Californian jail; those were the main causes that led to the bloodiest prison riot to ever happen in the history of the USA. Increased tensions led to rioting on September 9, 1971 at the Attica Correctional Facility located in Attica, New York. Above all, prisoners demanded the improvement of appalling prison conditions, but the several-day-long negotiations failed. On September 13 local and state police forces, alongside troops of the National Guard, brutally crushed the prison riot. Governor of New York Nelson Rockefeller compared his decision that launched a grisly retaliation to President Truman’s determination to drop the atomic bomb.

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