Mass murder and secret rendezvous: the diary of SS leader Heinrich Himmler revealed

The recently discovered diary of Nazi monster Heinrich Himmler discloses the daily life of one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany, in which his private life mixed with the death of millions.

Being assigned to direct the extermination of Jews in Europe, Himmler’s diary reveals horrific scenes of the Holocaust, such as the ardent SS leader’s visit to Sobibor death camp in the German-occupied Poland where 400 young women from the Lublin ghetto were gassed to demonstrate for Himmler the effectiveness of the diesel engines. Following the gruesome presentation he had a hearty dinner.

The unearthed diary also outlines Himmler’s private life. The dyspeptic SS leader often received massages from his doctor, Felix Kersten.

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Image: 0014940171, License: Rights managed, German Nazi leader a


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