Surprising 7: Ugliest Rulers

Charles II (1661-1700), the hexed

Although Charles couldn’t walk or talk until he was eight years old, when he was only four, in 1665 – following the death of his four elder brothers –, he was crowned king of the once prosperous Spanish monarchy.
Marriages within his family led to rare genetic abnormalities: he was afflicted with mandibular prognathism, which meant that his lower teeth protruded beyond his upper teeth so he wasn’t able to chew properly. His tongue was so large that his speech could hardly be understood, and he often drooled. It is probable that he also suffered from pituitary hormone deficiency, which would explain his short build, weak musculature, indigestion and impotence. Charles, also known as El Hechizado, or “the hexed”, who had no skills other than shooting.

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