A tunnel dug by persecuted Jews discovered

Researchers have found a tunnel, dug by hand and spoons, through which eleven Jewish forced laborers managed to escape from the Nazis during WWII.

The woods of Ponary nearby the Lithuanian capital Vilnius saw horrific massacres in which 100 thousand people, out of which 70 thousand were Jewish, were killed by the Nazis and their Lithuanian collaborators during the German occupation.

The international research team, including Israeli, American, Canadian and Lithuanian archeologists, geophysicists and historians, did not want to disturb human remains still buried, so ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) – is used for searching oil and minerals – technologies were applied to map the route of the 115-foot-long (35 meter) escape tunnel. According to one of the survivors, Mordechai Zeidel, they were forced to dig a winding tunnel so as to not bump into bodies buried earlier in the sandy soil.

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