Surprising 7: Famous betrayals in history

Judas: whose name equals betrayal

The most famous betrayal of all must have been that of Judas Iscariot. Judas was one of the few chosen ones who belonged to the direct, most intimate circle of pupils of Jesus Christ. According to the gospel, he handled the money of the twelve pupils, and if we can believe the accounts, his main weakness was money. According to the most accepted theory, he betrayed Jesus because of money. Another reason for his betrayal is held by many to have been that the radical patriot (Judas probably belonged to – using a modern expression – the ultra-radical wing of the zealot movement) awaited the freeing of Israel from under Roman rule by Jesus, but felt disappointed in him and so betrayed him. A third theory, which is based on the disputed translation of a Coptic papyrus, holds that Jesus himself told Judas to betray him so that God’s will could be fulfilled.

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