On this day in 1934, the king of gangsters is hunted down

John Dillinger appeared at the entrance of the Biograph movie theater in the company of two women at 11 pm on July 22, 1934. Waiting at the entrance of the cinema, federal agent Melvin Purvis lit a cigar in order to signal to his colleagues to get ready. When the two men’s eyes met, Dillingerinstantly realized he was in great trouble. He hastily reached for his gun, trying to drag it out of his pocket, but the weapon got stuck so he had no choice but to run to a nearby alley. The chase that followed did not last long as federal agents jumping out of their hideouts opened fire and killed the getaway criminal.

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John Dillinger's Corpse

Image: 0014971479, License: Rights managed, Original caption:12/11/34-Chicago, Illinois: The nation’s public enemy No. 1 on a slab in the county morgue in Chicago, surrounded by policemen and coroner’s assistants, after he had been slain by federal agents and police outside a Chicago movie house. John Dillinger’s death preceded a drive by govenrment agents which has thus far resulted in the deaths of Baby Face Nelson, “Pretty Boy” Floyed and other desperados., Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA, Model Release: No or not aplicable, Credit line: Profimedia-Red Dot, Corbis


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