Lawrence of Arabia

Before the First World War Lawrence conducted significant researches in the Middle East. Archeological finds discovered by him or his colleagues are still an important part of several Western European museums’ exhibition materials.

Lawrence was a vegetarian and an abstinent, refraining even from smoking.

On May 13, 1935, Lawrence had a motorcycle accident and died six days after the crash. The death of the national hero inspired neurosurgeon Hugh Cairns to design the world’s first crash helmet.

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Literature - T.E. Lawrence

Aircraftsman Thomas Edward Shaw on his motorcycle; a Brough Superior SS100. Shaw was better known as Lt Col T.E. Lawrence or ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ A major factor in the Desert War in WWI, he was also an adviser to Prince Faisal during the Versailles Peace Conference, a renowned author and an archaeolgist. He was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1935.


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