Surprising 7:Famous military campaigns Napoleon in the Eurasian grasslands

In one of the bloodiest battles of history, the Battle of Borodino fought on September 7, 1812, the 125,000-strong French army lost 35,000 men and the Russians lost 44,000 men on the battlefield. Although the official version is that the skirmish ended in a draw, as the tsarist troops retreated we have to give the completely useless victory won 2500 kilometers from Paris to the French.

Napoleon marched into the burned down Moscow and waited for a month for an envoy riding under the Romanov flag to offer peace to the hungering and cold French. The envoy did not arrive, but further troops of looters did, so the emperor decided on retreat. The remainder of the once glorious army, a mere 27,000 soldiers, stepped onto the allied territory of Poland in November 1812.

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