Death of the communist creator

Although the death of Lenin could not be prevented, his admirers in the early 1920s, including physician, philosopher and science-fiction writer, Alexander Bogdanov, planned to revitalize the leader’s cryonically preserved body. Their plan did not work; the god of the proletariat was eventually embalmed.

On January 21, 1924, the father of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, died of a stroke at the age of 52. The party leader passed away relatively young devoured by his great creation, the Soviet Union.

Constantly being in the middle of an endless political fray, Lenin suffered a stroke in May 1922 that was followed by another one in December. After his second stroke, Lenin withdrew from active politics. During his solitude in a sanatorium, he kept pondering about the future of the Communist Party and the Soviet Union, which was proclaimed on December 30, 1922. In his political testament, the worn out communist leader proposed the replacement of Joseph Stalin, General Secretary of the Communist Party, but his request to cease the growing authority of Stalin was not taken into account.

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- FILE PHOTO MAY97 -- The body of the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin lies in the Mausoleum on Red S..

The body of the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin lies in the Mausoleum on Red Square in Moscow. Soviet revolutionary Lenin died of a stroke on January 21, 1924.


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