A bullet in the throat


At the beginning of his term on August 9, 1910, New York City Mayor William Jay Gaynor was shot by James J Gallagher, a fired watchman of the city harbor. Gaynor was the only mayor of New York who was hit by a bullet during an assassination attempt. The incident took place on the board of the ocean liner SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse moored at Hoboken, New Jersey. The mayor was about to embark for Europe when he was shot in the throat at point blank range.

In order to cover the departure of the mayor, New York World photographer William Warnecke was at the scene when the incident happened and managed to preserve the chilling moments for posterity. The badly but luckily wounded mayor returned to work two months after the shooting.

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The bleeding Mayor William Jay Gaynor stumbling on the board of ocean liner SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse just after the attack.


 gaynor19102Gaynor was extremely lucky, he survived the murder attempt committed by James J Gallagher, who wanted to take revenge on the mayor believing that the head of New York had dismissed him.



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