Conquerors of the giants

In North America, most of the lumberjacks had Scandinavian ancestry. In the USA, they began their pioneering work in the north-eastern states such as Maine then following the general westward migration they cut trees in the Upper Midwest and later in the Pacific Northwest. A classic American lumberjack was considered as a hard-working and hard-drinking man whose job included not only cutting trees but transporting the felled giants.

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Logger Lying in Cut of Douglas Fir Tree

Lumberjacks posing for the camera in Washington, 1899.


Loggers with TreeThree lumberjacks with a large Douglas fir in Oregon, 1918.
Loggers and a ten-mule team prepare to fell a giant Sequoia tree

Lumberjacks preparing to fell a giant tree with the help of mules in California, 1917.

Men stand on piles of cut trees

Forest vanquished, loggers standing on cut trees in New York, 1907.

Lumberjacks Standing on Logs in River

Loggers floating tree trunks down the Columbia River in Oregon, circa 1910.

Over 100 people stand with a logged giant sequoia tree

A giant sequoia tree surrounded by loggers in California, 1917.

Loggers hold a cross-cut saw across a giant Sequoia tree's trunk

Lumberjacks with a giant cross-cut saw designed to fell the mighty sequoia trees, California, 1917.



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