Search of King Alaric’s 1.1 billion dollar ‪‎treasure‬ is imminent

Italian scientists have announced that a search for the tomb of the Visigoth king Alaric I will be launched soon. Alaric‬ and his troops sacked‪ Rome‬ in 410 AD looting 2 tons of gold and 12 tons of silver, among others. Sadly, Alaric could not enjoy his looted wealth as he died in the same year. The Visigoth king was buried with much of his treasure. Scientists believe his stone tomb may be under a river flowing through the southern Italian settlement Cosenza. Experts will apply ground penetrating radar, infra-red technology, and even drones to find the king and his hoard.

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The burial of King Alaric. He could not enjoy his looted wealth.


Busento River flows through Cosenza.


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